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Ford Transit – From delivery van to souped-up racing vehicle

Drivers in the unique Ford Transit Trophy in Portugal use BILSTEIN shock absorbers

The Ford Transit Trophy is the only race for delivery vans in the world. All drivers taking part rely on BILSTEIN B8 performance shock absorbers. The unusual racing event was initiated by the Portuguese parts distributor and BILSTEIN importer Q+F, Comercio de Automoveis. The tuning and motor sports specialist distributes high-quality parts from well-known international suppliers such as BILSTEIN, Eibach and Pirelli. To ensure that the box-like Ford Transit is up to the rigors of the racing track, Q+F provides some solid assistance: each delivery van is fitted with a resilient and high-performance suspension based on the BILSTEIN B8. Q+F adapts the BILSTEIN performance shock absorbers to the particular body and to meet the racing requirements. The racing vehicles are based on the Transit 260S Standard 2.2 TDCi with a 140 PS engine tuned up to 185 PS. Despite featuring the necessary safety equipment, the Transits have a racing weight of just 1,450 kg. Ten vehicles competed in a total of six races in last year's somewhat unusual marque race. More participants are expected to take part in this year's event and the racing program is to be given a more international profile. Transits will be swapping the delivery car park for the racing track eight times in total in 2011, with five of the races being held in Portugal (Estoril/Braga/Portimao/Circuito da Boavista/Rampa da Falperra), two in Spain (Jarama/Jerez la Frontera) and one in Belgium (Zolder).



Ford Transit

Ford Transit on BILSTEIN B8

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