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Shock and suspension applications enhance this classic car

New references for the VW Beetle: BILSTEIN B6 and BILSTEIN B8, as well as BILSTEIN B14 and BILSTEIN B16

Ennepetal, (Germany), November 15, 2012 – With the right shock absorbers and matching suspension, driving a VW Beetle becomes a real pleasure in all motoring conditions. This is guaranteed by suspension specialist BILSTEIN who is offering the right set of series shocks for the new version of the cult classic on the free spare parts market in the form of the BILSTEIN B6 and BILSTEIN B8 high-performance shock absorbers. In addition to this, as of now Beetle enthusiasts can enhance the new VW Beetle with high-quality, motorsport-tested BILSTEIN B14 coilovers and a high-performance BILSTEIN B16 suspension system with its ten-level damping force adjustment. Available on the universal spare parts market, both chassis-lowering suspension systems provide even better roadholding, just like the new shock absorber applications. The BILSTEIN technicians placed special importance here on the rear multi-link axle installed in the new VW Beetle. The shocks and coilovers were adjusted to it in elaborate tests and driving trials.

The combination of VW Beetle and BILSTEIN B6 is designed entirely for reliable performance. The series replacement shock absorber performs exceedingly well under heavy loads without compromising driving comfort. The characteristics of the shock absorber tangibly improve handling. Further, the Upside-Down technology produces perfect roadholding. High material and manufacturing quality make the BILSTEIN B6 high-performance shock absorber extremely tough and durable. Together with the matching chassis lowering spring set, the shortened high-performance BILSTEIN B8 shock absorber underscores not only the appealing look of the VW Beetle, it is also the ideal match for the sporting character of this new version of the classic model. The BILSTEIN B8 is suitable for virtually all chassis lowering sets and series sport suspensions. An additional spring change gives the VW Beetle even more sporting appeal – precise handling and improved vehicle control included. With the BILSTEIN B4, yet another series replacement shock absorber alternative will soon be available on the universal spare parts market for the rear multi-link axle of this classic model.

Drivers who opt for coilover suspension for their VW Beetle experience dynamic and safer cornering with the BILSTEIN B14. The mono-tube gas pressure technology improves tracking and braking stability in particular. With a chassis lowering range of approximately 30 to 50 millimetres on the front and rear axles, there are hardly any limits to individuality. Even after they have been installed, additional height adjustment of up to 20 millimetres on both axles is still possible.

The BILSTEIN B16 high-performance suspension allows even more flexibility. Thanks to a ten-level damping force adjustment system which can be individually regulated after installation via an adjustment wheel in a parallel rebound and bump force, the stable hold that the VW Beetle has on the road can be further maximized. The chassis lowering range of approximately 30 to 50 millimetres front and back supports sporty handling and creates a successful composition of precise driving dynamics and comfort. Just like the BILSTEIN B14, flexible adjustment of the vehicle height by up to 20 millimetres after installation is no problem with the BILSTEIN B16 either. The TÜV technical control association has produced an expert report for both versions.



Even more dynamic and driving stability for the VW Beetle with high-performance shock absorbers from BILSTEIN.

The combination of BILSTEIN B6 and VW Beetle is well equipped for all eventualities that driving has to offer.

The shortened high-performance shock absorber BILSTEIN B8 underscores the sporty look of the new Beetle model.

The mono-tube gas pressure technology of the BILSTEIN B14 coilover provides more tracking and braking stability.

Even more flexibility thanks to the BILSTEIN B16

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