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BILSTEIN and Lina Van de Mars present: "Lower it right!"

BILSTEIN B14: Tuning without compromises

Full tuning power: With the BILSTEIN B14 coilover suspension kit, tuning fans can not only enhance their car's look, but also increase its safety and driving comfort. Lina Van de Mars knows this too. Which is why she explains as the ambassador of the BILSTEIN "Lower it right!” campaign, why real tuners should only use quality products for their suspension systems. Tuning alarm: As part of its campaign BILSTEIN is raffling off a high quality BILSTEIN B14 coilover suspension kit by May 31, 2011. To participate, simply go to and you too will have a chance of winning!

With "Lower it right!", BILSTEIN wants to draw special attention to the topics of aesthetics, perfect performance and above all safety in suspension tuning. The message is: If you tune, do it properly. Consequently, BILSTEIN illustrates to tuning fans the advantages of a high quality brand suspension system compared to cheap and badly finished no-name products. The information campaign receives prominent support from the TV presenter Lina Van de Mars who recently presented the concept at the Tuning World Bodensee 2011 show. The B14 also appeared on TV. The installation of a BILSTEIN B14 coilover suspension kit was shown on the TV program "Die PS-Profis – Mehr Power aus dem Pott" on the Sport1 channel.

"As a car mechanic and tuning specialist I know how important the suspension is in the overall design of a car. It influences the entire handling. Many tuners continue to save on the wrong things. From my own experience, I can say with confidence: Anyone who thinks that quality suspension systems are not important, will quickly find out the opposite and sacrifice safety and driving comfort. This is why I am supporting BILSTEIN in its quality initiative", says Lina.

With the BILSTEIN B14 coilover suspension kit, BILSTEIN provides technology from the motorsports segment for everyday driving. It allows the car to be lowered by about 30 to 50 millimeters. It also has an adjustment range of up to 20 millimeters on both axles; adjustments within this range are pre-approved by German TÜV. With its perfect road-holding, absolute directional stability and the unique road test, the BILSTEIN B14 brings a completely new driving feeling to the road. And the best thing is: Quality is affordable: A BILSTEIN B14 for the Fiat 500 Abarth costs only € 640 plus VAT.

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