German engineering for Asian roads

Nippy, quick off the mark and sporty - that's the Honda Jazz in town, on the motorway and on the race track. With its torsionally rigid body and low centre of gravity, the sporty Honda Jazz accelerates dynamically and smoothly along the road. The car's nimble handling is also reflected in  its exterior - the sweeping design of the front and rear bumpers, the striking radiator grille and arrow-shaped bonnet all underline the sporty appearance of the Honda Jazz. A threaded suspension system 'Made in Germany' by the well-known and highly experienced company BILSTEIN is the ideal complement to this car.

Perfected in elaborate driving tests

The BILSTEIN B14 threaded suspension unit provides the best combination of sporty performance and improved driving dynamics for all types of road. Regardless of whether the car is driven on bumpy tracks, winding asphalt roads or high-speed stretches, the sporty kit is perfectly suited to the nature of the Honda Jazz and to the very varied road conditions in Asia. Particular attention was paid to these factors in the development and adaptation of the BILSTEIN B14. The BILSTEIN engineers in Germany carefully weighed up driving performance, comfort, suitability for everyday use, residual spring travel, performance when driving at the limit, and appearance against one another. Moreover, the characteristic BILSTEIN 'Comfort and Sport' setting was determined in elaborate test drives involving the company's own engineers. It was also tested right to the limit on the test track in Papenburg and on the legendary North Loop of the Nürburgring.

Fun at the wheel day in day out - whatever the roads

Once the unit has been fitted, the enhanced driving dynamics and sporty performance of the Honda Jazz are immediately noticeable. The vehicle height can be lowered from approx. 0 to -30 mm, depending on the customer's requirements. Subsequent adjustment of the vehicle height is also no problem. On the front axle, this is set on the shock absorber thread itself. On the rear axle the required height is set via a threaded sleeve. Spring carrier and counter nut are made from aluminium and can be easily adjusted with the units in situ, thanks to the high-grade threaded tube coating. This means the driver can have his very own sporty setting for his customised Honda Jazz and yet retain the car's important suitability for everyday use.

Suspension technology on performance cars

The mono-tube inverted technology of the BILSTEIN B14 threaded suspension unit comes straight from motor sports, where it is used on performance cars like the ones from Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti and the Nissan GT-R. Thanks to its special design, it gives the car substantially more driving stability. With these units, the piston rod is fixed at the base of the tube body. The non-wearing chrome tube moves up and down in the sliding bearing. The clear benefit of this design is that the supporting and lateral forces are spread over a wider area, thereby creating an almost distortion-free link between wheel and vehicle body. In addition, thanks to BILSTEIN's mono-tube and gas pressure technologies, a greater level of thermal energy is discharged. As a result, the BILSTEIN B14 threaded suspension unit ensures reliable road holding, increased track stability and excellent damping forces. The rebuild on the sporty Honda Jazz is also highly effective in terms of improved safety, so that evasive manoeuvres or sharp braking can be handled with greater confidence. The vehicle thus remains easier to control, even where the road conditions are not ideal.

Features at one glance

  •     BILSTEIN  mono-tube/inverted technology made in Germany
  •     BILSTEIN gas pressure technology
  •     Lowering by approx. 0 to 30mm, infinitely variable on the front and rear axle
  •     Individually fine-tuned through BILSTEIN test drives
  •     Spring carrier and counter nut made from special aluminium alloy
  •     Triple-C-Technology® surface finish for lasting corrosion resistance
  •     Quality sport springs made from high-strength material

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