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"The most sensitive instrument for fine-tuning the suspension? I sit on it every day." And there's no doubt that Walter Röhrl is right - as is proved by his extensive collection of titles and, in particular, the awards his colleagues have conferred on him: 'Best rally driver of all times', 'Genius on wheels' and 'Rally driver of the century'.

What many people find amazing, though, is that for him it's not a matter of speed. "For me, what's important is not the speed at which I do something, but the degree of perfection with which I do it. When I do something, I want to do it perfectly." And it is this commitment which makes him the ideal test driver for our claim that we are also only satisfied when things are perfect. Which is why some of the well over five million miles that Walter Röhrl has driven in a whole range of different vehicles are dedicated to further development of our products.

Both on the Nürburgring as well as on the test track in Papenburg: "The car needs to become one with me, part of my body, where I alone decide what it has to do. I'm working with BILSTEIN to ensure that this applies to every car."

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